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Supermarkets and Boutique Markets, we have Price Computing and Label Printing Scales to suit your Point of Sale requirements - contact us for a quote on any of the excellent scales we can supply, below are some examples of the most popular models we can supply.

We also supply Trade Approved Scales for all other purposes - other models are available than those detailed below, simply contact us with your requirements. The scales shown below are internationally approved - OIML Approved - for trade use worldwide.

Price Computing Dual Weighing Range Retail Scale - UWE ASEP Series. OIML Netherlands \ European CE \ German TuV Approvals & NMi Trade Approved Certified


(Dual Range)

3 / 6kg

6 / 15kg

15 / 30kg

30 / 60kg


(Dual Range)

0.001 / 0.002kg

0.002 / 0.005kg

0.005 / 0.01kg

0.01 / 0.02kg


Dual Range 3,000d max


6x 20mm LCD's with Backlight

Weighing Platform Size

280mm x 350mm

With included Stainless Steel Platter fitted


Inbuilt rechargeable battery powered (120hrs plus when unplugged)

Or power adapter \ charger included

  • Works with many popular Point of Sale Systems, increasing your productivity
  • Automatic Shift Between Low and High Weighing Range with Indication on Display Panel
  • 99 Unit Price PLUs, Including 5 x One Touch Hot-Keys
  • User Friendly Functions Include: - Memory Accumulation, Non-Weighed Article, Fixed Unit Price, Paid & Change. Manual Zero & Tare. Auto Power Saving Power On & Zero Tracking
  • 6 x User Selectable Output Baud Rate
  • Bold Type Wide Angle LCD display
  • Long Battery Operation Time: Over 120 Hours when unplugged
  • Dual Power Source: - By Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery or Power Adapter
  • Large High Grade Hygienic Stainless Steel Platter.
  • Large, easy to read LCD Display with Green Backlight.
  • RS-232C interface for connection to printers; label printers; and computers.
  • Low Battery Alert and Charging Status Indication
  • Strong Rubber \ Stainless Steel Adjustable feet
  • Bubble Spirit level and transparent dust cover included



  • RS232C interface output (up to 2 interfaces available, comes with 1 as standard)
  • Pole Display - 50cm Height with Stainless Steel Pillar. Choose from Tabletop or Pole Display models
Waterproof Trade Approved Scale with Dual Display. NMI \ OIML Certified for Commercial Use. 3kg ~ 30kg Capacity x 1g ~ 10g Increments. UWE ADW \ DW Model


ADW - NMI Certified & OIML Trade Approved

DW - Non-Approved Version

(Super Fine Precision)

Capacity and Increments \ Readability

Capacity and Increments \ Readability

ADW-1500 \ DW-1500


1500g x 0.05 g

ADW-3000 \ DW-3000

3000g x 1g

3000g x 0.1 g

ADW-6000 \ DW-6000

6000g x 2g

6000g x 0.2 g

ADW-15000 \ DW-15000

15kg x 5g

15kg x 0.5 g

ADW-30000 \ DW-30000

30kg x 10g

30kg x 1 g


Dual 115mm x 35mm LCD with green backlight

Tare Range

Full Tare Range (Subtractive)

Weighing Platform

250 x 215mm ABS Plastic Platform with Fitted Stainless Steel Platter \ Tray included

Power Source

Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery with Charger \ Power Adapter included

Battery Operation Time

            Super Long Life Battery - lasts up to 150 hours when unplugged























  • IP 66 Wash-Down Design and ABS plastic housing meets the toughest hygiene requirements
  • Legal for Trade - NMI Trade Approved in Australia \ OIML-R76 International Approval and EC Class III Type Approved
  • Dual Front & Rear Display to read measurements from all angles; Large LCD with Backlight
  • 1 / 30,000 Display Resolution for Non-Trade Applications - Super Fine Precision!
  • Supports metric and avoirdupois weight units and conversion
  • Equipped with power on zero tracking, manual zero and auto calibration functions
  • Weight check functions with: HI-OK-LO indicators and Buzzer Output \ User programmable buzzer output configuration
  • Automatic Tare Function
  • Protection devices inbuilt against overloading and shocks
  • Dual power source: Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery or Power Adapter
  • Low battery indicator and charging status indicator
  • Stainless Steel Platter cover, Adjustable Feet, Inbuilt Rechargeable  Battery, power adaptor and bubble level Included
  • Wide Angle LCD Display Digits - easy to read from a distance
  • Piece Counting Function - place a handful of items of identical weight and see the quantity at the touch of a key
  • Extra Long Rechargeable Battery Operating Time: Up to 150 Hours when unplugged
Waterproof Stainless Steel Wet Area Digital Bench Weighing Scale 6kg ~ 150kg Capacity Trade Approved CAS CK200SC









[ 0.002kg ]


[ 0.005kg ]


[ 0.01kg ]


[ 0.02kg ]


[ 0.05kg ]


135 x 30mm LED Display

Platform Size

280 x 280mm

400 x 520mm


280 x 336 x 510mm

400 x 610 x 778mm


12V 1.5A AC adapter / 6V 5Ah Recharging Battery inbuilt

CAS CK200SC Digital Waterproof Check-Weighing Scale with fully Stainless Steel Construction, suitable for use in Moist \ Wet industrial environments such as Food Processing and Chemical Plants. The CK200SC Check-Weighing Scale has 3 different colored lights with HI \ OK \ LO Lights and an Alarm Buzzer for quick & easy weight checks. This static check-weighing bench scale can be easily connected to a PC or Printer. DC & inbuilt Rechargeable Battery operated with waterproof cable connections.


  • Fully Waterproof IP67 - suitable for harsh environments including Marine \ Chemical
  • High Grade Fully Stainless Steel Structure including Base Structure & Loadcell
  • Functions include Weighing, Counting, Tare, Hold, Weight Backup, Weight & Counting Preset Range - HI \ OK \ LO with Alarm and visual LED Alert for Checkweighing use
  • Multiple weights setup function, Command mode function, Tare input functions using keys & Gravity calibration functions
  • Large LED Display - easy to read at a distance or in poor light conditions
  • Tilt (90°) and swivel (360°) Indicator - tilt for optimum viewing angle of measurements
  • Waterproof RS-232C Interface for connecting the scale to a PC or Printer - easy to connect
  • NMi Trade Approved - Legal for trade in Australia + OIML International Trade Approval
  • Optional Mini Printer: DEP-50 - Ticket Printer + LP-50 Label Printer
  • Optional RS-422 + RS-485 Interface





Advanced Floor Platform \ Pallet Scale - Australian Trade Approved & OIML International Approved
Capacity 1T 1.5T 3T 6T 10T
Readability: Non-Trade
0.1kg 0.2kg 0.5kg 1kg
Readability: Trade Approved
0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg \ 1kg (Dual Range) 1kg \ 2kg (Dual Range) 2kg \ 5kg (Dual Range)
Platform Sizes 0.8m x 0.8m / 1x1m / 1.2x1.2m / 1.2x1.5m / 1.5x1.5m / 2x2m /3x2m /4x2m. Plus much more available on request
Power Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery (Charger supplied)
  • Built to OIML International & Australian Trade Approval
  • NMi Trade Certified Approved - NMI 6/9C/310
  • Choose from 1T \ 1.5T \ 3T \ 6T \ 10T. Other capacities available on request
  • Galvanized, Powder Coated Gloss Finish Spraypainted, or Solid Stainless Steel - various finishes available
  • Easy to install & easy to relocate. Fully Calibrated and Tested before shipping. Plug and play
  • Selectable Weight Units - can weigh in Kg's \ grams \ pounds and ounces at the touch of a key
  • Large, easy to read LCD (180mm x 35mm) with Backlight & Big Digit Display
  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery provides up to 90hrs of continuous use when unplugged
  • Auto-Zero Point Tracking, Bubble Level and Swivel Adjustable Rubber Feet provides stability \ ensures weighing on a stable surface
  • Multi Functional Scale: functions including Weighing, Checkweighing, Piece Counting, Percentage Calculation, Animal Weighing Mode and Pre-set Tare Function
  • User Programmable Check Weigh - Buzzer Output when under or over a preset limit
  • Standard & User Programmable Print Format for Weighing, Piece Count, Percentage Mode 
  • Real Time Clock \ 6 x 1-inch Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits (Large digits - measurements are easy to read)
  • Capacity Tracking Bar - to Easily Show Applied & Remaining Weighing Capacity
  • Overload Protection Devices inbuilt \ Battery Protection Circuits inbuilt
  • Equipped with RS-232 Interface Port for connection to PC for data transfer and record keeping, or for connection to a Printer for printing measurements
  • 24 bit Low-Noise Delta to Sigma to Delta (Δ-Σ) Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • 5 x Auto Power Off Time \ 4 x Filter Intensity Mode \ 3 x Backlight Mode \ 2 x Selectable Auto Tare Function \ 4 x RS232 Data Output Baud Rate \ 3 x Output Mode \ 3 x Data Format \ 3 x M+ Mode \ 3 x Data Output Mode \ 6 x Output Band Rate \ 6 x Initial Zero Range \ 6 x Manual Zero Range \ 6 x Auto Zero Tracking Range
  • Can be installed above or below ground. Ramps and Pit Frames available
  • Overload protection inbuilt - up to 150% of rated load. High Quality extra strong base structure
  • Accessories in stock and available: Rubber & Stainless Steel Feet - M12 \ M14 and other sizes; Pole for mounting the display \ Wall Mounting Brackets; Threaded Lifting Eyebolts (for easy lifting of the scale platform) \ Rod Ends
Advanced Price Computing Scale with Ticket & Label Printing OHAUS RU






3000d Max


94 x 94mm LCD display

Platform Size

390 x 260mm Stainless Steel


AC Power Adapter

Multifunctional, customisable, versatile - the ultimate solution to your retail needs. The rugged RU is the ultimate solution to all of your retail requirements, offering both ticket and label printing capability coupled with multiple functions, including: prepacking; ECR cash management networking and floating vendor capability.


  • Up to 4000 PLU's (Price Look Up keys)
  • Keyboard with up to 30 function keys plus freely programmable fixed keys
  • 1MB data memory
  • Solid aluminium base design
  • Stainless steel platter
  • Customisable label designs
  • Label printing plus optional prepackaging and cash register functions
  • High contrast backlit LCD display
  • PC data management
  • Network capability
  • Connectable to a cash drawer
  • Trade approved



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