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Magic Box Calculator & Pen Set, Lot of 10
  • Calculator & Pen Box opens & closes 360 degrees on invisible hinges - optical illusion on opening and closing
  • Neat & stylish pen on one side, calculator on the other
  • Ideal Gift - useful and practical gadget to carry around
  • Powers with 2x AG10 batteries (included)
  • We supply replacement batteries
magic box calculator - 1x ag10 battery -01

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Inflatable Throwing Disk (Frisbee), Lot of 12
  • Lights flash & makes noises on impact
  • Waterproof - ideal for water sports at the beach or in the pool
  • Soft Frisbee - Ideal for indoor games, in the office \ home, hand \ eye co-ordination for s
  • Easy to inflate; Compact to store away when deflated in the car \ office drawer
  • € 3 (3 Euro) Price tag on label (A $5ea). Our price is much lower
  • Bulk orders welcome - corporate discounts for 100 or more 
  • Powers with 2x AG13 batteries (included)
  • We supply replacement batteries
inflatable frisbee2 (c) scales plus


Omega Magic UFO Magnetic Levitation Spinning Top
  • Powerful Repelling Magnetic field between the Spinning Top & Base Launching Platform
  • Spin the top above the Launching Platform
  • Usual Spin time in mid-air is 3 minutes. Longer spin times have been recorded
  • Amazing to watch - useful educational toy & scientific perpetual motion breakthrough
  • Detailed User Guide included
  • Attractively packed

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Galileo Thermometer
  • Accurately displays Temperature - to the nearest Degree (Celsius)
  • Temperature Range: 18 degrees to 26 degrees (Comfortable Indoor \ Office Temperature Range)
  • Tool designed by Galileo the great Astronomer and Physicist, in the early 1600's using various weighted liquids encased in blown glass globes
  • Stylish addition to the desktop or office; adds a decorative touch in the home
  • Instructions and Operating Principle explained in the User Guide included; accurately written in English and French
  • Great conversation starter that will bring your office desk to life
  • Height: 280mm (11"); Diameter: 36mm \ 60mm at base (1.7" \ 2.5")
  • Bulk orders welcome, contact us for details (discounts for 10 or more)

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Business Card Holder, Lot of 12
  • Polished Stainless Steel Finish
  • Slimline design, easy to carry.
  • Protects Business Cards
  • Various front panel styles, variety of finishes supplied
  • Bulk orders welcome, contact us for details (discounts for 100 or more)
business card holders


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